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Week One- 


The name of our show is Penny and the Magic Medallion Casting has been completed and campers should be working on memorizing their lines. Everyone should be off-book by Monday, June 27th.


*BRING PAINT CLOTHES EVERYDAY!!!!!!! Also - no sandals for dancing - bring shoes that will not fall off during rehearsal. Best tip: start wearing the shoes you will perform in to become accustomed to them. 

Tuesday - Rehearsals have begun! Costume information has been posted.

Wednesday - Campers should be working on memorizing their lines and practicing their songs at home. Campers have rehearsal music to help them practice the music - Rehearsal CD's can be made if preferred. (Link will be posted.)


Campers should use a light colored highlighter to highlight their lines in their script. Use a different color to highlight the "cue" lines (the line just before yours). Erasable highlighters work best, in case of changes or errors. 


Cast should be memorizing lines - scripts down for pages 1-15 tomorrow!


Thursday - PLEASE START SENDING IN COSTUME ITEMS AND PROPS SO THAT WE CAN BE SURE THEY HAVE ALL THE PIECES THEY WILL NEED. Full costumes are to be in house and approved by Becky by Tuesday. NO COSTUME PIECES are to leave here before the show/


Costumes will be discussed* - please start bringing in costume pieces ASAP!  Props list will be posted on Thursday - any props brought in should have names on them - nothing valuable, please!



NOTE: CHANGE IN PLANS:  On Friday - we will have Make Your Own Sundaes at the church. Please bring $2.00 TO COVER THE COST.   Pick up will be AT THE CHURCH.

Friday - We will take a well deserved break from rehearsal to go on an ICE CREAM expedition near the end of the day on Friday. Campers will need $3-$6, depending on what they wish to order.

Don't forget to bring money for ice cream on Friday! Please plan to pick up campers at the Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins in the shopping center just north of the church on 355 at the regular time. 



Rehearsals continue. Don't forget to bring money for ice cream today! Please plan to pick up campers at the Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins in the shopping center just north of the church on 355 at the regular time. 


*Costume Information:

Click Here to see costume suggestions. 


Costumes can often be rented/purchased at local costume shops, as well at places such as Party City and other costume rental places in the DC area. The internet is also a good place to find things cheap - just remember delivery time - costumes must be in-house no later than Tuesday, June 28th.. 



Looking ahead:

Week Two-


Monday - NO BOOKS! Memorize your lines AND cues. No scripts allowed on stage!


COSTUMES must be approved today! Costumes WITH ALL PIECES/ACCESSORIES/SHOES are to be in-house by Tuesday and remain until after the show on Friday.


Tuesday - deadline for Final costume approval. Becky MUST see and approve all costumes no later than today. Costumes are not to be removed after this date.


Wednesday - Pizza money due ($2.50 per slice). All parts of all costumes to be in-house, along with ALL props.


ALSO - sign up for food donations for the reception following Friday's performance. 


Begin Dress Rehearsals.




Friday  -  SHOWTIME! We will have a full dress rehearsal in the morning (approximately 10 AM). This is a great opportunity for younger children and friends to see the performance. Friday night will be crowded and we ask that families refrain from bringing very young children, as it is a long time for them to sit quietly. Our actors have worked hard and deserve to have their performance uninterrupted by, or competing with, restless members of the audience. We ask that if you have younger children who wish to see the show that you bring them to the dress rehearsal rather than the evening show. 


We will have pizza for lunch (please bring $2.50 per slice by Wednesday so we know how much to order). Drinks will be provided.


The show will begin at 7:00 pm. Call will be at 6:00 pm. PLAN AHEAD - DO NOT BE LATE!!!  Traffic is notoriously heavy on RT 355 on Friday evenings - especially before a holiday. You will be dismissed at the regular time to get some dinner and make final preparations for the performance.


Plan to arrive with make-up completed or arrive early if you need help. (Let someone know that you will be needing assistance so that we can plan accordingly).


The seating area is small - no tickets or reservations. It is recommended to arrive early to get parking and seating.


After the show, we will have a reception (we need parent volunteers to help with set up - please talk to a staff member if you can help!) followed by a short awards ceremony. Please sign up to let us know what you will be bringing - finger foods, drinks, chips, etc.

All are invited!


Any cast parties are not sponsored by the Camp and show clean up must be completed prior to leaving the camp. Take all of your personal belongings with you !


After Camp, on Saturday, July 2nd, starting at 10 am, we will strike the set, load out and clean-up to turn the theatre back into a church for Sunday, followed by a picnic and social time. Parents are welcome and encouraged to help with this! Campers MUST help strike the set and clean up before leaving.  This is an important part of theatre, we ask that you plan to be here this day. If there are circumstances beyond your control, please let a staff member know beforehand. We should be finished by around 1:00.

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It is with regret that we must announce the cancellation of this year's camp due to staff family emergencies. Information on next year's camp will be posted soon. We hope to see you then!

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